Honesty. Integrity. And a sincere dedication to customers.

With those basic ingredients, E.P. Gerber founded a small sawmill in 1901 that sought to serve the basic needs of the Kidron (Sonnenberg) community. It wasn’t long until E.P. realized that his growing and prospering community demanded a full-service hardware store that included a large inventory of construction materials.

With the addition of a second generation, the operation quickly expanded to include a full service mill and woodworking shop. Several short decades later, a growing number of skilled craftsmen in the area created a booming construction and furniture making trade. This demographic shift coincided with a third generation joining the company. And by 1993, the company added a complete line of wood molding equipment to better serve these emerging markets. With several more additions to facility over the next few years, Gerber Wood Products now has nearly 50,000 square feet devoted to manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics. The company operates four molders as a well as a full line of equipment to manufacture architectural moldings, stair parts, handrails, advertising specialties, surfaced boards, industrial components, and many other building materials.

While a lot has changed since 1901, Steve Gerber and his team of professionals at Gerber Wood Products still adhere to E.P.’s basic ingredients of honesty, integrity, and a sincere dedication to customer service.