In the realm of advertising specialties, Gerber Wood Products has earned the reputation as a master craftsman. Though not limited to these lines, our expertise includes plaques, boxes, letter holders, and related items. Our typical production runs range between 500 and 5,000 pieces. However, we welcome inquires for larger runs.

We are pleased to offer in-house finishing to ensure quality and color consistency throughout your order. At Gerber Wood, the first plaque will match the very last.


Be it recessed routes, custom shapes, unique edge designs, or custom matched stains, Gerber Wood leads the way in the production of specialty plaques. Though Walnut and Cherry are most popular, we’ll manufacture your plaque from your species of choice. Common sizes range from 6” x 8” to 32” x 96” panels. However, contact us for your specified size.

Wooden Boxes

Heirloom quality wooden routed boxes can be hard to find. However, Gerber Wood’s experience and precision machinery allow us to design and manufacture a box for nearly every need. You boxes can even be laser engraved with your company logo or other insignia to enhance your brand.

Though common species include walnut, cherry or maple, we also feature our boxes in mahogany, oak, hickory and beech. Contact us for details and other species availability.

Take a closer look at these fine, handcrafted items. Then imagine them customized with your company's name and logo!

Wooden plaques
Wooden boxes (shown in Walnut)
Routed boxes
Miscellaneous advertising items