Gerber Wood Products is fully committed to responsible forestry stewardship.  Accordingly we’ve invested considerable time and resources in to becoming Forest Stewardship Council® certified.  What does this mean as you consider Gerber Wood as a supplier of your wood products?   We believe it impacts not only your reputation but your bottom line.

At the core, forests provide the world with clean water, fresh air, recreation, food, medicines, and vast other natural resources.  Too often, however, forests are illegally harvested and the underlying land converted to other uses.  And while this process offers immediate economic benefits, they lack the social and environmental values of the original woodlands.

In short, your customers are increasingly sensitive to global deforestation concerns and the economic and social problems that it creates.  And today, many domestic and international corporations are making cognizant decisions to reward suppliers that share these same values.  In fact, FSC® Certified Products are specified into a growing number of purchasing policies by governmental and other organizations.  With a Forest Stewardship Council® certification, you can tangibly demonstrate that your products adhere to strict guidelines from the forest of origin throughout the supply chain.  This not only solidifies your position with current customer but likely opens up additional markets in which your products will be in demand. Ask for FSC® Certified Products.

Gerber Wood Products is proud to adhere to the Vision, Mission, and Global Strategy  of the Forest Stewardship Council®. Please contact us for more information our visit