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Beautifully crafted in Northeast Ohio, our custom gifts and home items are as unique as the lives they touch. Each gift we create are personalized for your loved ones, your business, or yourself. Explore our shop today!

Stair Parts, Trim, Specialties, and Components

Our experienced team provides custom wood features designed to add beauty and functionality to every project. Valuing durability, precision, and quality, our Ohio craftsmen shape wooden railing, molding, stair parts, industrial components, and more for regional and international manufacturers and distributors.

Welcome to Gerber Wood Products

For over 110 years and now into the third generation, the Gerber family has grown its woodworking expertise and capabilities, crafting quality wood items for domestic and international markets. A long-standing employer of Northeast Ohio craftsmen, Gerber Wood Products displays efficiency and quality in over 50,000 square feet of workspace. Cutting-edge tooling and technology complement our hands-on passion for woodworking.

Be it customized wood gifts, architectural molding, stair parts, advertising specialties, or industrial components, Gerber Wood is your source for domestic and global wood product solutions.

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Coda Cases

"Can't say enough about the service, quality and attention we received from Gerber Wood Products.

They provided multiple shipping updates through one of the most challenging delivery and production seasons anyone has seen. Everything from design help to finished product was excellent and I wouldn't have been able to do it without their help. Big thank you to the entire organization"


From a Very Happy, But Very Confidential Company

Our company provides proprietary and very custom wood products to a number of clients.  Gerber Wood Products is a key supplier of custom machined items to our company; the staff at Gerber Wood works closely with us to engineer the right product for each custom design. Gerber Wood is a very dependable supplier, their quality is impeccable and product is always consistent and deliveries are on time.  We feel like we can always count on the great folks at Gerber Wood to come through for us.


Product designer and Co-founder of Distil Union

Being a product designer and having worked for a fortune 500 company developing consumer products for big box retailers, I have experience working with a wide range of suppliers from around the globe and understand the importance of having strong manufacturing partners. Now that I'm currently part of a small product design startup (Distil Union, LLC), having reliable and dependable manufacturers is vital to our success and Gerber Wood has been a manufacturing rockstar for us. 

We worked with Gerber Wood to develop and manufacture the wood body for "Snooze", an iPhone alarm dock that is made of solid wood and features a slappable snooze bar. The wood components required tight tolerances and a high level of fit and finish in order to meet our design standards. Snooze not only needed to be functional, but it also had to be a beautiful object and the wood elements were key in achieving that. We relied on their expertise to help us:

  • select the right type of wood species to achieve the look and feel we wanted.
  • fine tune the design of the wood parts for more efficient manufacturing.
  • select a durable, consumer product grade finish.

At the end of the day, Steve and his team exceed our expectations on every level and consistently delivered high quality parts on time, on budget and to spec. I can honestly say Gerber Wood Products is one of the best manufacturers I have ever used and more importantly, I enjoyed working with them. 

Fred C.

Gerber Wood Retail Customer

Steve, I placed an order on your website, have to say it was a great on-line experience. Well done.

Josiah M.

Gerber Wood Retail Customer

Excellent quality materials and craftsmanship! The product we ordered was delivered lightning fast, and we couldn't be happier!