Custom Stair Parts

Gerber Wood Products specializes in quality hardwood handrails and provides stair parts to distributors and stair builders across the nation and beyond. Bending rails and stringers for curved stairways, heavy custom stair treads, and solid wood components up to 30 feet long are just a few of the unique products we offer.

Gerber Wood offers a wide range of choices when it comes to stair railings. From over a dozen species inventoried to choose from, and hundreds of standard designs ready in our tooling room, we can either match or create the parts you need to make elegant and unique stair systems for your customers.

Our typical production runs range from just a few lengths of high end, complex rails, to truckloads of commodity, finger jointed profiles. We ship across the United States and have had years of exporting experience to Europe.

We recently produced nearly 30 foot long Mahogany stringers for an over-the-top outdoor curved stairway, and 4 inch thick walnut stair treads for a winding staircase in a space observatory. Providing stair parts to both expansive mansions and multi-family housing developments alike, Gerber is the place to go for rail!

Our Custom Stair Parts Feature


Eco-Friendly Finger Jointed Rails

When a large number of long or specific length handrails are needed, Gerber offers three choices of eco-friendly finger jointed rail. Available up to 30 feet in length, our unique One Joint rails offer the next best thing to solid rail without the limitations of length. If a lower price point is the goal, consider our Solid Cap and Finger Jointed Cap rails that are also available in our full range of species and profiles.

Custom Handrails

With over a dozen species of domestic and exotic hardwoods to choose from, and a profile collection spanning over three decades, Gerber Wood Products can offer nearly any shape, color and size of handrail imaginable. Since we understand that customized stairways are not uncommon, simply provide us with a small piece of rail or an architect's drawing and we will match it! 

Bending Rails and Trim

Gerber Wood Products offers specially engineered bending handrails for curved stairway applications. Formed and glued at the stair builder's shop or jobsite, these hardwood rails give the finished appearance of a solid piece of wood. This bending construction can be applied to wooden nosings, trim and other accessories where applications like balconies, or open curved stairways are desired. 

Stair Treads and Panels

Gerber's strength is laminating thick, wide, and long pieces of wood together. Custom treads require just that! We commonly process 3 to 4 inch thick panels in a variety of hardwood types with our vertical presses. We have the ability to glue and splice wide landings and platforms. Products can be designed for both interior and exterior applications, so the options we offer are nearly endless.


We Are Known for Our Handrails

Gerber Wood Products has been producing handrails since the 1990's and has literally produced millions of lineal feet of high quality rails since that time.

We are known nationwide for our high end, solid hardwood handrails and accessory trim, and have assembled a large inventory of profiled tooling to mold nearly any shape requested. From Ash to Walnut, Bamboo to Mahogany, we have processed a long list of beautiful woods. 

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