Why CNC Machines are Highly Efficient

CNC machines are another component to the automation that has been taking place across all the industries. If you have a manufacturing department and you are paying for a lot of labor, you may want to consider purchasing a CNC machine. Now, CNC machines can be very pricey, and if you are considering buying one, it is a decision that should be thought through. You must first understand the nature of CNC machining and why they are a huge investment.


If you have reached your capacity to complete orders at a certain rate, you should be in the market to automate this process. Every big and successful company has automated their manufacturing process. Automation is just like outsourcing, benefit-wise. Because the process is automated, you will now have more time to focus on other things. Ultimately, being a recipe for success.

Less Labor

As your business grows, it becomes very expensive to hire labor in the manufacturing department. Financially, it is not smart to pay several employees when you can get a couple CNC machines and have one employee watch over them. No call-offs, no human error, and allows you to easily expand the manufacturing department when the time is right.  


A machine can always do a better job than a worker according to specifications. The computer systems that control the CNC machines are precise and will produce an excellent part every single time.


CNC machines can be reprogrammed to produce a different plastic in just a couple of hours. With manual labor, this can take weeks to months. The shift between creating different products is seamless with CNC machining. It will allow you to keep supplying the customer demand.


With the only manual labor being the machine operator, there will be a lot fewer accidents than if there was a regular manufacturing department filled with workers. On top of that, the CNC machine operator will never have to go near the cutting tools. This ensures no accidents.

We hope that you see the benefits of our CNC machines. When working with Gerber Wood Products, not only do you get a team of experts working to exceed your expectations, but you also get perfection every time. Make sure to give us a call or e-mail so we can discuss your needs!

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