Beyond Aesthetics: The Functional Beauty of Gerber Wood’s Architectural Components

At Gerber Wood, we’re proud to be able to offer a diverse range of architectural and industrial
components. From corbels and lamp bases to automotive and building materials, and even
wood railings and stair parts, our team is continuously honing their expertise to deliver
components that look and perform amazing.

wood cutting machine 3D wood cnc router. CNC milling machine carving a wooden part blank. Cutter controlled by computer while he is carving wood.

Blending Functionality and Aesthetics
Functionality and aesthetics don’t have to be an either/or choice! Wood railings, molding, and stair parts, in particular, can offer both top-tier performance and stunning design. These high-use and high-visibility components offer both style and functionality thanks to the precision and dedication of our Ohio craftsmen. By combining time-honored woodworking techniques and modern equipment such as CNC routers, they can deliver precise, beautiful results in shaping these components.

Global Reach
Our team’s dedication to functional beauty has allowed us to serve a diverse mix of clients over the years, including regional and international manufacturers and distributors. With production runs ranging from only a few lengths of more complex rails to truckloads of commodity profiles, we’re able to adapt to the specific needs of our customers — no matter how they need their architectural components to look or perform, and no matter where they’re located.

We’re proud of our team’s abilities to unify form and function with our wood creations. Whether you need stair railings, industrial components, or something else entirely, our team is ready to help bring that vision to life. Contact us today to learn more and get started.

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