CNC Routing: Precision Cutting Service for You

In the modern industry and the highly competitive market we are in, it is essential that you are as precise as possible. Our online CNC router cutting program allows us to achieve this with tight tolerances and allows us to provide an easy and smooth experience to you.

To truly understand the value that we have in our hands, we believe that a basic understanding of the capabilities and the process is beneficial to you.

Cutting Capabilities

Our CNC routing machine cuts at a tolerance of +/-0.001” for plastics and +/-0.005” for woods. Our machine is a 3-axis, which means it can make 3 precise cuts at a time! Along with that, we provide custom tooling and programing, so that you may get whatever you need. We can do small and big jobs, anywhere from 10-10,000 inquiry.

The Process

To begin the process, our team of designers kicks it off to help guide you to the design that you desire! For many projects, the cuts need to be exact. When creating the specifications, we program those specifications into our online software program. This makes the process easier, and the results can be reproduced up to 10,000 times. From there, it’s about the fabrication of results and delivery to you!

Looking for a way to cut sharp edges efficiently? At Gerber Wood, we have an online CNC router cutting service that has the capability to cut those edges and provide the tight tolerance you are looking for! To learn more about our machining capabilities and CNC routing services, click here!


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