Crafting Excellence: The Journey of a Gerber Wood Product

At Gerber Wood Products, we don’t believe in cookie cutter mass production. Our team is dedicated to true craftsmanship, combining time-honored techniques with the latest in woodworking technology to create high-quality products. Here’s a closer look at the journey each product goes through at Gerber Wood.

The Journey of Our Wood Products

Unsurprisingly, each Gerber Wood product begins its life as raw material. We source a wide variety of top-quality hardwoods. The wood species for each product is selected based on qualities such as appearance, durability, and the intended application for the final product. 

From there, our team gets to work, using key design specifications to determine which crafting methods will be best suited for the project. We leverage our expertise to craft the product in a way that will stand the test of time. 

Combining Technology and Expert Craftsmen

At Gerber Wood, we believe in using both modern technology and traditional techniques to get the best possible results for every wood product. The skills and expertise of our craftsmen are unparalleled in helping us fine-tune designs and achieve a true handcrafted appearance. 

At the same time, technology such as CNC routing and machining helps us achieve more precise, repeatable results. Understanding when and how to combine these essential resources ensures that each finished product looks and performs exactly as desired.
The Gerber Wood team is committed to quality and excellence in every product. Whether you’re coming to us for stair parts and industrial components or a personalized wood gift, you can expect top-quality results that will last a lifetime. To learn more about our processes and products, contact us today.

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