Custom Creations: Tailoring Unique Wood Products at Gerber Wood

In a time when so many products seem to be made in “cookie cutter” fashion, something that is truly custom can really stand out. At Gerber Wood Products, we strive to cater to individual preferences and needs for a wide range of wood projects so that you can get something truly unique.

The Customization Process at Gerber Wood

The Gerber Wood Products team draws on decades of experience creating a variety of wood products, including musical instrument and culinary products, architectural components, promotional items, toys, and more. That experience, combined with top-quality woodworking equipment, allows us to help you turn your ideas into reality. We can help at every step of the way, beginning with design consultations, to ensure you get a custom result that meets your needs.

Showcase of Custom Projects

Our diverse projects are a great example of our ability to craft truly unique creations. For example, we use laser engraving and routing to add custom branding to wood products that can be used for corporate gifts and promotional events. When designing handrails and other stair parts, we don’t just draw from standard designs. We can match to existing components or create brand new parts to create elegant stair systems that fit your unique space.

Client Collaboration and Satisfaction

Client collaboration is key in this process. After all, your input is what ensures the final result provides what you need. As our client Erin says, “Our company provides proprietary and very custom wood products to a number of clients. Gerber Wood Products is a key supplier of custom machined items to our company; the staff at Gerber Wood works closely with us to engineer the right product for each custom design. Gerber Wood is a very dependable supplier, their quality is impeccable and product is always consistent and deliveries are on time. We feel like we can always count on the great folks at Gerber Wood to come through for us.” There is an art to personalization in woodworking. By delivering personalized, high-quality wood products, we can help you get the exact results you want — whether it’s for a gift or for upgrading a stairway. Custom woodworking delivers incomparable value that will stand the test of time.

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