Elevating Home Spaces: The Rise of Custom Wood Staircases

After many years where utilitarian staircases were the norm, we’re seeing a notable uptick in interest for custom wood staircases for homes and businesses alike. A unique staircase design can help a space stand out by creating a distinctive aesthetic. A unique and custom staircase can provide an incredible decor boost that lasts for generations.


How Different Stair Parts Help Personalize Spaces

There are several different stair components that all play a role in personalizing a staircase. While handrails are an obvious component, balusters, trim, treads, and panels also play a role in the overall appearance and performance of a staircase. Depending on the selected design, balusters and handrails can combine for a luxurious traditional look, or something more streamlined and modern. Wood’s workability makes it easy to personalize each staircase.

The Gerber Wood Products Process

At Gerber Wood Products, we’re especially known for our handrail capabilities. Our profiled tooling systems can mold nearly any shape desired for a staircase handrail. We can match custom work to architect drawings or a sample piece to create the desired look for your staircase, even when bending handrails are needed for a curved stairway. We can produce solid one-joint rails up to 30 feet in length, giving you plenty of design options to choose from.

The Impact of Custom Woodwork

Custom woodwork instantly elevates the aesthetic appeal of any space (and can increase the property value, too). A custom wood staircase can provide a captivating statement piece, helping you show off your style with something that is unique to your space. Consider how the staircase fits in with the rest of the building to determine the right look for your needs.

A custom staircase from Gerber Wood Products can transform any space. With several types of high-quality hardwood and hundreds of design options, our experienced team can craft elegant and unique wood staircase that perfectly fits your space. Contact us today to learn more.

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