The Art of Woodworking: Exploring Gerber Wood’s Architectural and Industrial Components

At Gerber Wood Products, we’re proud to offer a wide range of architectural and industrial components. Manufacturing small and finely detailed wood items has been part of our work since our founding, and with the combination of modern technology and traditional woodworking techniques, we’re confident in our abilities to deliver quality results for your needs.

CNC woodworking wood processing machine, modern technology in the industry.

Gerber Wood Products’ Architectural and Industrial Offerings

Our architectural and industrial components have been used for both residential and commercial applications. Our architectural work has included hardwood corbels, lamp bases, exterior arches and trim work, stair parts, and molding.

On the industrial side of things, we have produced a diverse range of wood and plastic components, ranging from museum displays and shipping support to pickup truck caps and beverage accessories. By working closely with our clients’ engineering and design teams, we’re able to develop components that meet their quality, functionality, and budgetary needs. From going over drawings to choosing materials, we believe in collaborating to ensure the final product lives up to expectations.

Combining Modern Technology and Traditional Woodworking for Quality Results

Our team has extensive experience working on both high-volume orders with large firms and smaller, custom orders. Not only do our team members have extensive woodworking experience, but we also use the latest tech, such as CNC router machines, to deliver precise results that meet your design needs. A focus on precision and quality ensures the final product will provide durable, dependable performance.

By blending the art and science of woodworking and using the unparalleled expertise of our team, Gerber Wood Products is able to deliver high-quality architectural and industrial components that you can rely on.

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