What Industries Use CNC Machines in 2022?

CNC machining — which uses computer numerical control machines to create custom parts that require precise engineering — has become more widespread than ever. Improved programming technology, as well as quality mills, lathes, plasma cutters, and other tools have allowed CNC machining to be used with a wider range of materials, as well. Here’s a closer look at some of the industries that make use of CNC machines.


The aerospace industry relies on a wide variety of complex (and often fully custom) parts to ensure safe and reliable results from machinery. 5-axis CNC machines are frequently used to create these intricate parts and meet regulatory standards.


Similar to the aerospace industry, electronics components utilize detailed work that is often best achieved through CNC machining. CNC machining is often used to create working prototypes for connectors, semiconductors, and other crucial components.


CNC machining has also proven to be quite versatile in the woodworking industry. From allowing for faster production of trim and other detail work to producing specialty custom items, CNC’s process of gradually removing excess material allows for intricate designs.


CNC machining can deliver the precise results that are needed in the medical industry, where many patients rely on bone plates, implants, and artificial joints that are custom fitted to their body. Medical screws and surgical tools can also be produced through machining, delivering the reliability and durability needed to save lives.

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