Mastering Molding: A Deep Dive into Gerber Wood’s Custom Trim and Moldings

Molding and trim may seem like relatively small things, but they can have a surprisingly big impact on your home’s aesthetic. Both architectural moldings and cabinetry trim provide the finishing touches for a building, allowing you to achieve the desired look for your space. With quality woodworking from Gerber Wood, you’ll have no problem getting the right look.



Gerber Wood’s Mastery in Molding

Gerber Wood began producing trim and hardwood architectural moldings in 1993. Many of the team members who were with us when we started doing that work are still at the company today. Decades of experience have given them the ability to successfully tackle unexpected problems and challenges, ensuring that you’ll get precise, high-quality results for any project. From tiny shoe moldings to large compound crown molding, we can handle it all.


The Making of Custom Trim and Moldings

Our team offers a high level of service from start to finish to ensure great results for our trim and moldings. We have access to over a dozen wood species, giving you several distinct styles to choose from. We keep several profiles in stock, including baseboards, chair rails, wainscoting, fillets, mullions, ceiling and wall paneling, and more. We also provide in-house design, knife grinding, and tooling to craft custom profiles or implement more detailed design work when needed. All profiles undergo finish sanding to ensure they are in pristine condition and ready to sell or install. 


With decades of experience, top-quality materials, and the right equipment, you can count on Gerber Wood to deliver amazing trim and molding for residential and commercial spaces alike. To get started on your own project, contact us today.


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