The Advantages of Custom CNC Routing for Your Woodworking Business

When most people think of woodworking, they don’t picture technology being involved. Yet with CNC routing, technology can make a tremendous difference for how you go about your woodworking projects. In fact, CNC tech is being used in cabinetry, furniture manufacturing, and more. Here’s why.

  1. Precise, Accurate Cuts

The most immediately obvious advantage of CNC routing is that it can achieve tight tolerances and sharp edges with total accuracy. Because the machinery’s movements are controlled by a computer, you will achieve the same accurate results each time. This eliminates waste and the risk for human error.


  1. Safe and Efficient Work

CNC routing is highly efficient, with programming allowing milling, drilling, and other activities to be completed without much human interaction. This allows your woodworking business to operate more efficiently, while also reducing the potential risk for injury that might otherwise exist during drilling and milling. With full automation, you can keep production moving at a steady pace — or even grow production — without the need to hire additional workers.


  1. Flexibility

CNC routing machines can be used for more than just wood. CNC routing can also be used for plastic, melamine, and even some metals. For woodworking businesses, this provides the potential to expand their operations and product offerings by working with additional materials.


If you’d like to take advantage of custom CNC routing for your own woodworking projects, Gerber Wood can help. Our state of the art equipment and expert staff will help ensure that you get excellent results. Contact us today to learn more.

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