The Art of Craftsmanship: Exploring the Custom Stair Parts by Gerber Wood Products

At Gerber Wood Products, we’re proud to specialize in custom stair parts for homes, businesses, and more. Since we began offering handrails in the 1990s, we’ve produced millions of lineal feet of top-quality handrails and stair parts. Here’s a closer look at what we can do for you.


Our Approach

With several species of domestic and exotic hardwoods, as well as hundreds of standard designs that are readily available in our tooling room, our team can quickly match or create the parts you need for wholesale stair part production. Our extensive experience also enables us to produce fully customized stairway parts. Simply provide an architectural drawing or a small sample piece, and our team will be able to match it to get the exact right fit for your work.


Our Unique Offerings

We offer several value-driven capabilities to produce the stair parts you need. When long handrails are needed, our eco-friendly finger jointed rails are the perfect solution, with one joint rails available in lengths of up to 30 feet. We also offer specially engineered bending handrails and trim for curved stairways. Finally, we can also produce heavy custom stair treads and panels up to 4 inches thick — including for wide landings and platforms.


When you work with Gerber Wood Products, you gain the expertise and available offerings to create the ideal staircase, whether for a luxury mansion or a multi-family property. If you’re interested in handrails or other stair parts for your own work, contact us today. Our experienced team will help you with a final product that perfectly fits your budget and design preferences.

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