Mastering the Art of Wood: The Precision Craftsmanship at Gerber Wood Products

Each woodworking product has its own unique specifications and performance requirements. Quite often, precise work is needed to achieve the desired results. Precision craftsmanship is often what differentiates quality products from sub-par work. When you use Gerber Wood Products, you can have confidence that you’ll get the quality results you need.

Gerber Wood’s Expertise in Detail

Gerber Wood Products traces its history all the way back to 1901, when E.P. Gerber founded a small sawmill to serve his local community. Over the years, operations expanded to include a woodworking shop, which has continually evolved to serve new markets and community needs. Our craftsmen bring years of experience to their work, relying on their carefully honed skills to achieve high precision on every project.

Showcasing Exceptional Projects

Many projects completed by Gerber Wood require intricate, detailed work. For example, our personalized gifts feature distinct custom design work for one of a kind results. Stair parts, trim and molding often require the creation of unique profiles with intricate designs. Precise work is necessary to ensure the finished products fit properly for these applications.

The Tools and Technology Behind the Craft

CNC machining tools enable the Gerber Wood Products team to be more precise than ever, even when working on large-volume jobs. Our CNC routing machine cuts at a tolerance of +/-0.005 for most woods, resulting in highly accurate and efficient cuts. Custom tooling and programming allow us to create precise and repeatable results.

Precision has an incredible impact on product quality. Gerber Wood Products stands out in this aspect by combining years of woodworking expertise with the latest tools and tech. You can trust us to provide precise results that perfectly match beauty and functionality.

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