The Science Behind the Art: Modern Woodworking Techniques at Gerber Wood

At Gerber Wood, we’re proud of the beautiful work our team is able to produce. While a lot of this is thanks to our extensive woodworking experience, we are also able to support our traditional woodworking techniques with modern technology. The intersection of tradition and technology ensures beautiful, high-quality results, every time.


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A Closer Look at Gerber Wood’s Technology

Our CNC router machine offers highly efficient and accurate cuts, achieving a tolerance of +/- 0.005 for most woods. Custom tooling and custom programming enable it to perform small and large jobs with ease for producing solid wood items. We also offer four profile molders, giving us capabilities such as custom molding and profiling, CNC beam sawing, large dimension laminating, finger jointing, high-speed cross cutting, and more. 


Precision Techniques

Precision is a point of emphasis throughout our woodworking process. For example, finish sanding helps us remove any flaws or imperfections from the wood, leaving a smooth surface for your finished product. Knife grinding allows us to modify shaper knives to achieve intricate carvings. Sometimes, using “old-school” techniques and equipment is essential for creating one of a kind, intricate designs. We carefully assess the needs of each project to determine which techniques and equipment will be the best suited for the job so the final result will exceed expectations.


By pairing quality woodworking technology with time-honored techniques, the Gerber Wood team is able to ensure consistent quality and beauty with every product. We’re proud to bring science and art together to deliver amazing results for our clients.

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