Blending Tradition with Technology: The Innovative Approach of Gerber Wood Products

Christmas is the season of giving — and few things can compare with personalized gifts that bring true warmth and joy to the recipients. Rather than buying a cookie-cutter present from the store, giving your loved ones a personalized gift helps create a more heartfelt and memorable experience. That’s exactly what you can get with Gerber Wood Products.


Gerber Wood’s Technological Edge

At Gerber Wood Products, we’re thrilled to incorporate cutting-edge technology into every stage of our woodworking processes. During the design phase, we often use CAD software to develop 3D models of the products we will be manufacturing. These designs are then used to guide our CNC machining equipment, offering precise instructions for cutting trajectories, tooling, cutting speed, and more.

The Role of Technology in Enhancing Craftsmanship

CNC machining and routing equipment has significantly enhanced Gerber Wood Products’ capabilities. These machines offer highly accurate and efficient cuts with tight tolerances for plastics and woods. Computer guidance allows these processes to be accurately repeated over and over again, making it much easier and faster to produce wood products in large batches (such as when manufacturing architectural or industrial components). Precise, efficient work can improve production timelines and lower costs.

Balancing Modern Techniques with Artisanal Quality

While technology certainly offers many advantages, there is no denying the importance of maintaining the artisanal quality and personal touch associated with woodworking. Our team’s hands-on approach and passion for woodworking influences everything from wood species and finish selection to fine-tuning the design and ensuring the quality of the final product. The human touch is essential to achieve artisanal quality work, even as we use technology to improve our processes.

At Gerber Wood Products, we firmly believe that technology and tradition can coexist in woodworking. By utilizing the best of both elements, we can achieve incredible custom results that deliver the aesthetics, performance, and durability needed for any piece. To learn more about our processes and how we can help with your project, contact us today.

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