Unlocking the Potential of CNC Routing: Gerber Wood’s Expertise in Precision and Customization

CNC routing takes advantage of computer controls to achieve incredibly precise results — and that’s exactly what you get when you work with Gerber Wood. Our high-tech equipment and extensive industry expertise ensures that you can get precise results for any project that requires custom routing work. Here’s how we get it done.

Close up of a carving machine drilling a wooden plank with a flying dust. Creative. Industrial background at the workshop

The Advantages of CNC Routing

CNC routing offers several distinct benefits to the woodworking process. Because the cuts are computer guided, we can ensure extremely efficient work for your design. By using coding to guide the movement, speed, and direction of the router’s tool heads, we achieve accurate control that requires minimal human intervention. Custom programming and tooling with tight tolerances allows us to create intricate designs with a much lower risk for error or damage. In addition, computer guided cuts save time and reduce material waste, helping reduce costs for your custom project.

Commitment to Quality

Our use of high-tech CNC router machinery stems from our team’s commitment to quality and precision when providing personalized solutions for various industries and projects. Our expert craftsmen and designers work alongside you from beginning to end to ensure your products are treated with care. Our own woodworking knowledge ensures that we use our machinery effectively to achieve precise, quality results for every custom piece.

From personalized wood gifts and heirlooms to stair parts and molding, our CNC routing capabilities can help you achieve precise, high-quality results for a wide range of projects. With a team of design and woodworking experts and the right equipment, you have the ultimate team for getting custom results that last.

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