What is a CNC Routing Machine?

A CNC router is a machine that is controlled by a computer designed to mill, drill, and cut different types of materials. They are very similar to milling machines and can perform similar tasks. However, because the CNC router machine is programmed through a computer, the margin of error is greatly reduced.

The primary functions of CNC routing machines include cutting, engraving, and carving out of the base piece. The CNC router replaces old handheld routers that had a greater margin of error due to human error. This machine is an essential piece of innovation as we move forward in this industry.

How does CNC Routing Work?

CNC routers can come in various sizes and vary in purpose as well. They can have a custom amount of axis to work with. But most of them have the capability to swap different tools for different tasks.

What sets CNC routing machines apart from the rest is the computer software they are ran on. The axis will move, rotate, and spin based on the setting set in the program. Once the setting is set, there is no need to touch the machine! The only time you may need to get near the machine is to change the settings.

Why Should I use a CNC Router?

Why not? Routing has been a common method in the woodwork and plastic industry for quite a while. Its main purpose is served when a precision cut is needed. At Gerber Wood, our CNC routers are all computer controlled which reduces the production time, cost, and margin of error.  

Newer versions of CNC routers come in various sizes and shapes and can even fit on a desk if needed. The software programs (or CAM programs) have simplified the operation of the CNC router machines, which has made having a CNC router beneficial even for hobbyist!

At Gerber Wood, our team of expert craftsmen have the experience to handle your custom machining project from start to finish. We offer custom cutting on a large variety of materials. Check out our CNC routing services and our machine capabilities here!

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