Wood in the World: How Gerber’s Products Shape Industries Far and Wide

Wood products are incredibly versatile and adaptable — and at Gerber Wood, we’ve been able to see that firsthand! Our work has found a place in diverse sectors as we’ve catered to both mainstream and niche projects. Our team loves a challenge and trying something new.


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Diverse Experience

With decades of woodworking experience, our team has put together a wide variety of projects. Our work includes custom stair parts, trim and moldings, furniture components, and even architectural and industrial components. 


Depending on the manufacturer’s specifications, we use hardwood, softwood, sheet products, or even plastic to produce high-quality industrial components like pickup truck caps, musical instrument components, museum displays, or shipping protection and support fillers. Many of these products are subject to strict performance requirements, and we use our knowledge and quality assurance processes to ensure the final design delivers on these expectations.


Custom Wood Products

We also take great pride in producing unique, personalized gifts and other niche products. From guitar pick cases and baby name signs to custom-engraved cutting boards, wine carousels, and pizza peel handles, we can bring our ingenuity to just about anything you can imagine. By combining time-honored traditional craftsmanship with modern CNC machining tools, we provide high-quality results for just about any custom wood product you can imagine. 


No matter what kind of wood product you have in mind, you can count on Gerber Wood to bring it to life. Our experienced team is happy to help with your woodworking project. Contact us today to get started and learn more about what we can do for you. Follow us on social media to see even more of our work!

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